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Gladiators Ready?! for New Years Resolutions

Posted by Jack Deus on January 7, 2008

For the last week I have been agonizing over what I wanted my New Year’s resolution to be. Two years ago I decided to give up drinking pop as a way to be more healthy. I used to drink at least 1 20oz bottle of Mountain Dew every day, most days I would consume 2-3. Last year I decided to give up coffee and chocolate as well as continuing the ban on pop. This year I tried to find something else unhealthy that I was addicted to, but found I had eliminated all of my unhealthy addictions. The only thing I am currently addicted to is tea (iced and hot), but since that isn’t unhealthy and since there would be nothing left to drink except fruit juice and water I decided I couldn’t give it up.

I am going to continue not drinking coffee and pop and not eating chocolate, but since giving something up is no longer an option for my New Year’s resolution I made the generic “I will actually use what I am paying for and go to the gym twice a week” resolution. Boring, not to mention easy to break and not very goal oriented. Pretty much doomed from the start, especially since it has been a week and I haven’t been to the gym even once this year.

Last night I found my inspiration, though. NBC brought back American Gladiators and a dream of mine that had laid dormant since I was a kid was reawakened with the show’s reawakening. Ever since I saw my first episode of AG when I was a kid I wanted to be on the show. Unfortunately I wasn’t old enough to tryout when it was on and then it got cancelled and I thought my dreams died. Apparently they just went into hibernation because as soon as I saw the first ad on NBC that they were bringing AG back I kept a mental note to watch it. After watching the first episode last night I went to bed and told my wife I wanted to try out for the show. After mumbling something about pretty purple bunnies to me I decided to let her stay sleeping, but my New Year’s resolution was found.

I haven’t found a tryout link for next year on NBC’s website yet, but I’m crossing my fingers that this time next year you will see me kicking some gladiator butt, or at least avoiding have my butt kicked by gladiators.


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