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Wounded Warriors

Posted by Jack Deus on May 13, 2008

I have a few websites I check everyday to give me a brief glimpse of what is going on in the world. Most of my time is spent surfing and to keep me updated on the world of sports. Every once in a while, I run into stories like this that don’t really have much to do with sports, though. The stories are really touching and I am glad ESPN chooses to run them, however. Please take a little bit of time to read the story and then come back to finish reading my post; if you’d be so kind.

Ah, you’re back. Here’s a tissue to wipe that tear from your eye.

Obviously, the story itself is very touching. Man dedicates his life to something he is passionate about even though the pay isn’t great. His passion pays him back by giving him a wife and subsequently 3 children (talk about awesome fringe benefits!). Then, one day his passion causes him permanent disfigurement and almost takes his life. Instead of becoming angry at the world, angry at God, or angry at whatever he felt he should be angry at, his passion acts as a conduit for people to reach out to him and help him. I would not be surprised to see this story as the subject of a Disney movie someday.

The story doesn’t stop there, though. The man has decided to pay forward the good will he has received. “He plans to take an active role in Wounded Warriors, an organization that supports the families of injured or deceased soldiers.” He chose a very worthy organization to dedicate his time to. Too often our soldiers risk their lives so that we don’t have to, and very rarely do any of us reach out and thank them. Rai Henniger is going one step past that and working with an organization that helps soldiers and their families cope with problems similar to what he is going through.

Thinking about it some more, I doubt Disney will buy the rights to this story, because the audience would find it too unbelievable, even for Disney’s standards.


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Post Fast Update

Posted by Jack Deus on May 5, 2008

It has been a week since I broke my master cleanse fast early because of dehydration. In case you haven’t read my previous posts about the fast, the dehydration came about because I helped my cousin move and didn’t drink enough water, not because I was on the fast, although being on the fast did speed up the dehydration process. Anyway, a week after the fast I feel great and I have kept off the weight. This morning i weighed in at 179 pounds, which is a little bit more than what I ended the fast at, but I think that is attributable to my body gaining back the water it lost when I was dehydrated.

I haven’t gone to the gym yet (finals are over this week, so I will start going next week), so the main way I have kept the weight off is by eating more healthy than I used to. I have had more chicken breasts than I normally would, but they taste good so I don’t feel like I am missing out. I have gone out to eat thrice since I ended the fast and enjoyed the meals all three times. There are two pieces of advice I can give when eating out to help you eat better. One, stop eating when you feel even the slightest bit full. You will find that most restaurants give you enough food for dinner and lunch the next day, so make sure to not eat too much and get a doggy bag to take the rest home. Two, know what foods are high in fat and try to avoid them. If you know what restaurant you are going to, try to do some research online to find what meals they carry that are healthy and delicious. I didn’t have to eat one salad at any of the places I went to because I looked over the menu and was able to tell what meals would be healthy and good (hint: grilled chicken and fish are usually pretty healthy; things with lots of cheeses and sauces generally are worse for you).

The one thing I have found that has been most helpful is I haven’t completely eliminated unhealthy foods. When I was at Applebee’s I ordered one of their dessert shooters after my meal, and when I went to the movies I had a small buttered popcorn. The trick is to order small servings of the things that aren’t very healthy, so you can still enjoy them, but not ruin all the benefits of your hard work of sticking to the fast.

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