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Master Cleanse Fast Day 2

Posted by Jack Deus on June 15, 2009


I went to the 1pm College World Series game yesterday, and it was mostly sunny, so I made sure to drink lots of water. As those of you who follow me on Twitter found out yesterday, I drank six bottles of water over the 10-inning game. Besides a little redness on my forearms, I was no worse for wear than if I had watched the game at home on TV. I have golf league tonight, so as long as I remember to stay hydrated throughout that, I think should be fine.


I was greatly tempted twice yesterday to break the fast the day I started it. All of the foods at the baseball stadium looked so good I almost couldn’t help myself. Luckily two things worked in my favor. One, I was born anosmic (without the sense of smell), so I was only tempted by the sight of the food, and “out of sight, out of mind.” Second, whenever I spend time outside and it is hot I completely lose my appetite. This has actually hurt me before because I forget to eat and my appetite doesn’t kick in telling me it is time to eat, but it worked out well yesterday.

After the game, we stopped by Laura’s parent’s house to pick up Allison, and Laura’s mom had bought pizza for us, not knowing that I was on the fast. For anyone who knows me, pizza (especially sausage) is my kryptonite, and if I hadn’t already built up my defenses by forcing myself to avoid all of the delicious looking foods at the ballpark, I may have given in.

Besides those two times, I haven’t had too many cravings, although I didn’t really have any other time to have cravings either, so we’ll see how it goes today.

Weight and Waist

193.6 pounds: down 0.6.        38 1/4 inches: down 1/2 inch.

I weighed myself right after I drank the 32 ounces of salt water for breakfast, so obviously I had some water weight that I didn’t have the first day.

BM (warning-for those of you who are squeamish about bodily functions you should probably skip this part)

As I mentioned above I drank the salt water this morning when I woke up about 5:45. Five minutes into my 30-minute drive to work I felt and heard my intestines growl. I thought I was done for and momentarily considered turning around and going back home. I decided against it because I didn’t want to be late for work, and luck was with me. I was able to hold it in until I got to work, but once there the floodgates opened. Literally. If someone else had been in the bathroom with me they would have thought I was peeing. Hard.

If you decide to do the master cleanse, make sure to drink the salt water, otherwise you will be constipated and feel like crap (pun intended) the first day or two. But if you do drink the salt water, make sure to give yourself 5-10 minutes in the bathroom to get everything out. You will not feel good when you are going, but cleaning out all the crud in your system will make you feel better than you’ve ever felt, especially if it is your first fast.


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