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Master Cleanse Fast Day 4

Posted by Jack Deus on June 17, 2009


When I started this fast, I thought it would be the perfect week for it. I have golf league every Monday, so I figured I’d start the fast on a Sunday and still have plenty of energy for that, and then I didn’t have anything planned for the rest of the week. Instead, I’ve gone through the fast like this: Sunday-sit in hot sun at College World Series game, Monday-work then golf league, Tuesday-work then sit in hot sun at another CWS game, Wednesday-day off but need to mow the jungle I call my lawn. Not exactly the epitome of taking it easy. Despite all of that, though, I have planned ahead and had plenty of water, so I never got dehydrated and felt better than OK doing all of those things.


As those of you who follow me on Twitter found out yesterday, it was not a good day for me and cravings. I was craving an Omaha Steaks cheeseburger (the kind they serve at the CWS) the ENTIRE day. I also had a craving for a CWS funnel cake. I didn’t give in, though, when I went to the game last night.

This morning I woke up right in the middle of a dream. A dream where I was eating Totino’s Pizza Rolls dipped in nacho cheese. So, yeah, my subconsious is screaming for food, but I won’t give in.

Weight and Waist

186.2 pounds: down 4.8 pounds since yesterday.          37 1/4 inches: down 1/2 inches since yesterday.

I weighed myself a little later in the day today, and I also didn’t drink the salt water before I weighed myself (more on that below), so the weight loss may be a little higher than expected. I’m pretty happy with the waist decrease though: exactly 1/2 inch each of the last 3 days.

BM (for those of you grossed out by poop talk, don’t worry, the bit below is clean today)

Another thing those of you who follow me on Twitter found out yesterday, is that I I’m pretty sure the BM I had yesterday morning because of the salt water made me really dehydrated. I felt really weak and got chills and hot flashes most of the morning. I drank plenty of water, though, and felt better that afternoon and evening.

As I said before, I didn’t drink the salt water this morning because I didn’t want to get dehydrated again and I don’t really feel like there is anything in my system begging to be flushed out at the moment (when I did my first fast I felt really sick after the first day, because I had so much gunk backed up in my system, so I needed the BM that time). I also haven’t had any BMs today, so it seems I need the salt water to get things started. I’ll probably drink it tomorrow, because two days without a BM is too long.


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