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Master Cleanse Fast: Post-Fast Day 1

Posted by Jack Deus on June 18, 2009


As you can tell from the title, I broke my fast last night. Apparently my body couldn’t handle four straight days of not eating and being out in the hot sun, even as I was drinking 3-4 times as much water as I usually do. I finally pushed myself over the edge yesterday when I mowed the lawn then went to the dentist and couldn’t drink anything because, as those of you who follow me on Twitter found out yesterday, my mouth was numb and sore at the same time. Right before I went to the dentist I started developing a cramp in my leg that wouldn’t go away no matter how much water I drank. Then, last evening we also had a few errands to run, so I walked around the mall keeping my daughter busy while my wife went in the shops to get the stuff. As we were driving home I started feeling weak and my stomach hurt, so I broke the fast last night by having a small dinner.

The best way to break the master cleanse fast is to slowly build yourself back up into eating. The first day maybe just have chicken broth with a few boiled vegetables tossed in. The next day maybe have a fresh fruit as well as the chicken broth and vegetables. Finally the third day you can start eating normally again. By normally, I mean you probably shouldn’t need to limit yourself to what you can have, but you probably should limit what you have to healthier foods, or at least smaller portions, than what you used to eat before the fast.

I happen to be an exception to the rule. I probably should admit this, but I broke the fast by splitting chips and cheese and a beef burrito from Romeo’s with my wife. My stomach handled the food as well as can be expected: it hurt a little, but not any more than it did from being dehydrated (although I could tell the difference in the two pains), and I kept it all in. I also felt more full than the time a few weeks ago where I ate an entire large pizza myself, and I used to be able to eat chips and cheese, two beef burritos and a soft taco when we went to Romeo’s. Obviously the fast shrunk the size of my stomach.


I didn’t really have any cravings yesterday for a specific kind of food, but I did have little inklings for food throughout the day.

Weight and Waist

185.4 pounds: down 0.8 pounds since yesterday. Total weigh lost: 8.8 pounds over four days.

36 3/4 inches: down 1/2 inches since yesterday. Total inches lost: exactly 2 over 4 days.

Pretty good that I still dropped a little weight despite the burrito and nachos last night and a small bowl of cereal this morning. The trick now will be seeing if I can continue to lose weight and inches by going to the gym, riding my bike, running on the treadmill we just bought, and doing sit-ups and push-ups before I go to bed.

BM (warning, for those of you who don’t like poop talk, you may want to steer clear of this next part)

I had a very small, and still liquid BM last night before I went to bed. I don’t feel backed-up or anything, so I skipped the salt water. I will continue to eat today, and if I don’t have a bigger BM by tomorrow morning I may have to try the salt water to get things kick-started. Hopefully it won’t come to that, though.


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