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NFL 2009 Postseason Predictions

Posted by Jack Deus on January 9, 2010

Before the season started I made NFL postseason predictions. You can find them here. Seeing as how I only correctly predicted 4 of the NFC teams and 3 of the AFC teams that actually made the playoffs, I figured I better update my predictions with the teams that actually made the playoffs.


Round 1

(1) New Orleans Saints & (2) Minnesota Vikings¬†– bye, I guarantee these two teams will be playing in round 2. ūüėČ

(3) Dallas Cowboys – 27, (6) Philadelphia Eagles – 21. Eagles actually keep this game closer than the matchup in Week 17 (a 24-0 Cowboy win), but Tony Romo will continue his hot streak into January and finally give the Cowboys their first playoff win since 1996. Oh, and DeSean Jackson will continue to get owned by the Dallas defense.

(5) Green Bay Packers – 34 @ (4) Arizona Cardinals¬†– 24. Arizona will actually put points on the board in this Week 17 rematch, but Green Bay’s defense will prove to be too much for Kurt Warner, especially if Anquan¬†Boldin can’t play. Aaron Rodgers finally gets his chance to prove to Packers’ fans he was worth keeping, and his won’t disappoint.

Round 2

(1) New Orleans Saints – 31, (5) Green Bay Packers – 27. Drew Brees will lead his team to victory in this shoot-out, proving to Saints fans the last 3 weeks of the regular season were a fluke.

(3) Dallas Cowboys Р20 @ (2) Minnesota Vikings Р17. If this matchup happens, it is really a coin toss as to who will win, but the Cowboys have been in playoff mode since they beat New Orleans a few weeks ago, and Minnesota has floundered the last few weeks. The nail in the coffin with Minnesota will be when Brad Childress decides to try to rely on Adrian Pederson, rather than let Brett Favre open up and sling the Vikes to victory.

NFC Championship Game

(1) New Orleans Saints – 31, (3) Dallas Cowboys – 20. The Saints will exact revenge on the Cowboys for ruining their shot at a perfect season.


Round 1

(1) Indianapolis Colts & (2) San Diego Chargers Рbye. I actually predicted the exact seed the Chargers would be in my previous predictions.

(6) Baltimore Ravens Р13 @ (3) New England Patriots Р10. The loss of Wes Welker in the final game of the season doomed the Pats. The Ravens defense will stack the box and double team Randy Moss, making 10 points questionable for the Pats to score.

(4) Cincinnati Bengals – 24, (5) New York Jets – 17. The Jets defense will actually keep them in this game, but let’s face it, they shouldn’t even be in the playoffs. If not for the Colts and Bengals both giving the Jets a win in the last 2 weeks of the season because they both had their playoff seed solidified already, the Jets probably wouldn’t even have a winning record. I look forward to watching this game to see what Chad Ochocinco will do when he scores a touchdown.

Round 2

(1) Indianapolis Colts – 27, (6) Baltimore Ravens – 14. I feel sorry for the Ravens in this game. Peyton Manning hasn’t played a truly meaningful snap for weeks, and he had his perfect season taken away from him by a stupid decision made by Jim Caldwell. He will run up and down on a very good Ravens defense, taking out his frustrations over the last few weeks.

(2) San Diego Chargers Р38, (4) Cincinnati Bengals Р24. Chargers have won 11 in a row and are running on all cylinders. Bengals have no way to stop the quintuple offensive threat of Philip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson, Darren Sproles, Antonio Gates, and the overlooked one, Vincent Jackson.

AFC Championship Game

(2) San Diego Chargers – 31 @ (1) Indianapolis Colts¬†– 28 (in overtime). For the second year in a row the Chargers will beat the Colts in an overtime playoff game in which the Colts offense never got to touch the ball. Hopefully this will prompt the league to finally¬†reevaluate its assinine overtime¬†rules. Hopefully it will also get teams to review their “I’m gonna piss off the football gods by not chasing the perfect season I have a very good chance of completing” stance.

Super Bowl

I’ll go with my original prediction from August:

San Diego Chargers ‚Äď 41, New Orleans Saints ‚Äď 38.¬†(Two of the) highest scoring offenses in the NFL will make Super Bowl XLIV one of the most entertaining ever. This game will basically come down to whichever team gets the ball last, so I give the edge to the team that has the better defense: San Diego.”


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2009 NFL Predictions Rehash

Posted by Jack Deus on January 4, 2010

The NFL regular season is over and the playoffs are about to begin, so it is time to look back at my NFL predictions from August and see how close (or far) I was to being Nostradamus.

AFC Predictions Recap

East: 1. Patriots, 2. Dolphins, 3. Bills, 4. NY Jets

North: 1. Steelers, 2. Ravens, 3. Bengals, 4. Browns

South: 1. Colts, 2. Titans, 3. Texans, 4. Jaguars

West: 1. Chargers, 2. Raiders, 3. Broncos, 4. Chiefs

Some of the predictions I made and what actually happened.

“Pats have a good chance of going undefeated” –¬†They lost¬†6 games.

“Dolphins should still be able to finish above .500” – They finished 7-9

“Addition of T.O. should make a drastic difference” – He did lead the team in receptions and yards, but the Bills still stunk.

“Jets will be lucky to win 6 games this year” – They¬†must be¬†super-duper-pooper-scooper lucky: won 9 games and made the playoffs.

“Steelers know how to get the job done to defend their Super Bowl title” – Missed the playoffs by playing like crap in the middle of the season.¬†

“Bengals won’t have a winning record” – Won 10 games and the division.

“Ravens rushing attack may be even better this year than it was last year” – 2200 yards and 22 TDs this year. 2376 yards and 20 TDs in 2008. Call it a wash.

“Browns and Lions will be battling for worst team in the league” – St Louis actually took that honor, but they did beat the Lions. Wash again.

Peyton Manning will do everything he can to make sure the Colts¬†finish 1st this year” – The Colts are a stupid coach away from finishing with a perfect regular season record, due in large part to MVP Manning. Finally got one right!

“Texans will finally finish with a winning record” – Got another one. They finished 9-7.

“Titans are not very confident with Vince Young” – He won a lot of games after being made the starter because of their putrid start with Kerry Collins at QB.

Maurice Jones-Drew won’t have the energy he did last year having to handle the full RB load” – Back to being wrong. He had a great statistical year.

“Chargers will score a lot of points again this year” – 4th in the NFL in points this year. 2nd in 2008. Slight drop off, but still accurate.

“With Jeff Garcia challenging him, JaMarcus Russell will get better” – They cut Garcia, and Russell still stunk.

“Only way the Broncos avoid the cellar is if they have a RB do great” – They avoided the cellar and didn’t have a RB with 1,000 yards rushing.

“The Chiefs won’t win more than 3 games this year” – 4-12. So close, and yet so far.

NFC Predictions Recap

East: 1. Eagles, 2. Cowboys, 3. NY Giants, 4. Redskins

North: 1. Vikings, 2. Bears, 3. Packers, 4. Lions

South: 1. Panthers, 2. Saints, 3. Falcons, 4. Bucs

West:  1. Seahawks, 2. Cardinals, 3. 49ers, 4. Rams

Some of the predictions I made and what actually happened.

“If McNabb and Westbrook stay healthy the Eagles should be very good” – Westbrook was hurt a good chunk of the season and they were still very good.

“With T.O. and Jessica Simpson out, Romo will finally prove he can finish a season” – He had a great December. One right already!

“Giants will miss the playoffs but finish above .500” – Finished 8-8. Call it a wash.

Jim Zorn will get fired and Bill Cowher¬†will be the new coach of¬†the Redskins” – All reports point to Mike Shanahan being the next head coach.

Adrian Pederson may have his best year yet” – Defenses kept stacking the box waiting for the shoe to drop with Favre, but it never did. AP still had¬†a good year, but not his best ever.

Cutler is a better QB than Orton and Grossman put together” – and he threw more interceptions than them put together too. Oh, wait, that doesn’t make him better.

“Packers won’t move past the Vikings of Bears” – Finished 4 games ahead of the Bears

“The Lions will not finish 0-16 this year” – They actually won 2 games despite losing to the worst team in football (the Rams).

“Until someone proves you can stop Williams and Stewart the Panthers will finish on top” – They both ran great, but the Panthers still finished 3rd in the division.

Drew Brees will find a way to win the games the Saints lost last year” – They won a lot of games this year because of Brees.

Ryan and Turner will be worse statistically and miss the playoffs” – Two in a row.

“Bucs have QB troubles and will stink” – Three in a row!

“Seahawks¬†have all the offensive keys to finish atop the division” – 5th worst offensive scoring in NFC. Finished 3rd in division.

“Cardinals won’t improve on their 9-7 record from 2008” – Finished 10-6.

“49ers may be able to finish the season around .500” – 8-8 is exactly .500. Woohoo, another one right.

“Rams will stink almost as bad as 2008 Lions” – Their only win this year was against the Lions.

How I Did

I correctly predicted where the Patriots, Ravens, Browns, Colts, Jaguars, Chargers, and Chiefs would finish in the AFC. That’s 7 of 16. Not bad, but not good.

I correctly predicted where the NY Giants, Redskins, Vikings, Lions, Bucs, and Rams would finish in the NFC. That’s only 6 of 16. If not for the really bad teams being easy to predict at the bottom of each division I would have done horribly.

I made a lot of specific predictions and got a few of them right, while getting most of them wrong. Hey, I am like Nostradamus. I just need to be a little more vague and people may start thinking I am him reincarnated.

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