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Master Cleanse Fast: Post-Fast Day 1

Posted by Jack Deus on June 18, 2009


As you can tell from the title, I broke my fast last night. Apparently my body couldn’t handle four straight days of not eating and being out in the hot sun, even as I was drinking 3-4 times as much water as I usually do. I finally pushed myself over the edge yesterday when I mowed the lawn then went to the dentist and couldn’t drink anything because, as those of you who follow me on Twitter found out yesterday, my mouth was numb and sore at the same time. Right before I went to the dentist I started developing a cramp in my leg that wouldn’t go away no matter how much water I drank. Then, last evening we also had a few errands to run, so I walked around the mall keeping my daughter busy while my wife went in the shops to get the stuff. As we were driving home I started feeling weak and my stomach hurt, so I broke the fast last night by having a small dinner.

The best way to break the master cleanse fast is to slowly build yourself back up into eating. The first day maybe just have chicken broth with a few boiled vegetables tossed in. The next day maybe have a fresh fruit as well as the chicken broth and vegetables. Finally the third day you can start eating normally again. By normally, I mean you probably shouldn’t need to limit yourself to what you can have, but you probably should limit what you have to healthier foods, or at least smaller portions, than what you used to eat before the fast.

I happen to be an exception to the rule. I probably should admit this, but I broke the fast by splitting chips and cheese and a beef burrito from Romeo’s with my wife. My stomach handled the food as well as can be expected: it hurt a little, but not any more than it did from being dehydrated (although I could tell the difference in the two pains), and I kept it all in. I also felt more full than the time a few weeks ago where I ate an entire large pizza myself, and I used to be able to eat chips and cheese, two beef burritos and a soft taco when we went to Romeo’s. Obviously the fast shrunk the size of my stomach.


I didn’t really have any cravings yesterday for a specific kind of food, but I did have little inklings for food throughout the day.

Weight and Waist

185.4 pounds: down 0.8 pounds since yesterday. Total weigh lost: 8.8 pounds over four days.

36 3/4 inches: down 1/2 inches since yesterday. Total inches lost: exactly 2 over 4 days.

Pretty good that I still dropped a little weight despite the burrito and nachos last night and a small bowl of cereal this morning. The trick now will be seeing if I can continue to lose weight and inches by going to the gym, riding my bike, running on the treadmill we just bought, and doing sit-ups and push-ups before I go to bed.

BM (warning, for those of you who don’t like poop talk, you may want to steer clear of this next part)

I had a very small, and still liquid BM last night before I went to bed. I don’t feel backed-up or anything, so I skipped the salt water. I will continue to eat today, and if I don’t have a bigger BM by tomorrow morning I may have to try the salt water to get things kick-started. Hopefully it won’t come to that, though.


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Master Cleanse Fast Day 4

Posted by Jack Deus on June 17, 2009


When I started this fast, I thought it would be the perfect week for it. I have golf league every Monday, so I figured I’d start the fast on a Sunday and still have plenty of energy for that, and then I didn’t have anything planned for the rest of the week. Instead, I’ve gone through the fast like this: Sunday-sit in hot sun at College World Series game, Monday-work then golf league, Tuesday-work then sit in hot sun at another CWS game, Wednesday-day off but need to mow the jungle I call my lawn. Not exactly the epitome of taking it easy. Despite all of that, though, I have planned ahead and had plenty of water, so I never got dehydrated and felt better than OK doing all of those things.


As those of you who follow me on Twitter found out yesterday, it was not a good day for me and cravings. I was craving an Omaha Steaks cheeseburger (the kind they serve at the CWS) the ENTIRE day. I also had a craving for a CWS funnel cake. I didn’t give in, though, when I went to the game last night.

This morning I woke up right in the middle of a dream. A dream where I was eating Totino’s Pizza Rolls dipped in nacho cheese. So, yeah, my subconsious is screaming for food, but I won’t give in.

Weight and Waist

186.2 pounds: down 4.8 pounds since yesterday.          37 1/4 inches: down 1/2 inches since yesterday.

I weighed myself a little later in the day today, and I also didn’t drink the salt water before I weighed myself (more on that below), so the weight loss may be a little higher than expected. I’m pretty happy with the waist decrease though: exactly 1/2 inch each of the last 3 days.

BM (for those of you grossed out by poop talk, don’t worry, the bit below is clean today)

Another thing those of you who follow me on Twitter found out yesterday, is that I I’m pretty sure the BM I had yesterday morning because of the salt water made me really dehydrated. I felt really weak and got chills and hot flashes most of the morning. I drank plenty of water, though, and felt better that afternoon and evening.

As I said before, I didn’t drink the salt water this morning because I didn’t want to get dehydrated again and I don’t really feel like there is anything in my system begging to be flushed out at the moment (when I did my first fast I felt really sick after the first day, because I had so much gunk backed up in my system, so I needed the BM that time). I also haven’t had any BMs today, so it seems I need the salt water to get things started. I’ll probably drink it tomorrow, because two days without a BM is too long.

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Master Cleanse Fast Day 3

Posted by Jack Deus on June 16, 2009


I went to work yesterday and drank the full 32 ounces of lemonade I brought with me. I also drank 30-40 ounces of water while I was there. Felt good, wasn’t tired, knew I was well on my way to cleansing myself.

After work I went to my golf league and, as those of you who follow me on Twitter found out yesterday, did not shoot well. I’m not sure if it was because I hadn’t eaten for almost 2 full days and didn’t have my usual energy or because I was trying out new golf shoes (or a combination of the two), but I shot my worst round of the year. I did make sure to drink lots of water so I wouldn’t get dehydrated, and I felt physically fine afterwards, except for being a little tired.


I haven’t had any cravings for any particular types of foods, which is good. I have, however, felt the need to eat, which isn’t good. I have myself in such a routine at work to be constantly snacking that I had 5 or 6 different times throughout the day that I subconsciously looked around for something to eat. Hopefully the longer I’m on the fast the lesser these urges just to eat will become. Only time will tell.

Weight and Waist

191.0 pounds: down 2.6 pounds.         37 3/4 inches: down 1/2 inches.

I kept my weigh-ins consistent and did it after I drank the salt water this morning to make sure there wasn’t any weight loss due to the difference in water weight.

BM (for those of you who are grossed out by poop talk, you probably want to skip this part)

I drank the recommended 32 ounces of salt water for breakfast this morning at 5:45 and, just like clockwork, when I got to work at 6:50 my stomach had the distinctive rumble foreshadowing diarrhea. 10 minutes later I was finally clear of all the junk in my system and felt so much better because of it.

For those of you wondering if the Master Cleanse actually works for cleaning out your system, all you have to do it look at the results of the BM. Every morning (assuming you are drinking the salt water) you expel a lot of medium- to dark-colored liquid from your body, but you are only ingesting light-colored and clear liquids. It seems pretty obvious to me that the coloring comes from the muck that used to be stuck to your digestive tract.

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Master Cleanse Fast Day 2

Posted by Jack Deus on June 15, 2009


I went to the 1pm College World Series game yesterday, and it was mostly sunny, so I made sure to drink lots of water. As those of you who follow me on Twitter found out yesterday, I drank six bottles of water over the 10-inning game. Besides a little redness on my forearms, I was no worse for wear than if I had watched the game at home on TV. I have golf league tonight, so as long as I remember to stay hydrated throughout that, I think should be fine.


I was greatly tempted twice yesterday to break the fast the day I started it. All of the foods at the baseball stadium looked so good I almost couldn’t help myself. Luckily two things worked in my favor. One, I was born anosmic (without the sense of smell), so I was only tempted by the sight of the food, and “out of sight, out of mind.” Second, whenever I spend time outside and it is hot I completely lose my appetite. This has actually hurt me before because I forget to eat and my appetite doesn’t kick in telling me it is time to eat, but it worked out well yesterday.

After the game, we stopped by Laura’s parent’s house to pick up Allison, and Laura’s mom had bought pizza for us, not knowing that I was on the fast. For anyone who knows me, pizza (especially sausage) is my kryptonite, and if I hadn’t already built up my defenses by forcing myself to avoid all of the delicious looking foods at the ballpark, I may have given in.

Besides those two times, I haven’t had too many cravings, although I didn’t really have any other time to have cravings either, so we’ll see how it goes today.

Weight and Waist

193.6 pounds: down 0.6.        38 1/4 inches: down 1/2 inch.

I weighed myself right after I drank the 32 ounces of salt water for breakfast, so obviously I had some water weight that I didn’t have the first day.

BM (warning-for those of you who are squeamish about bodily functions you should probably skip this part)

As I mentioned above I drank the salt water this morning when I woke up about 5:45. Five minutes into my 30-minute drive to work I felt and heard my intestines growl. I thought I was done for and momentarily considered turning around and going back home. I decided against it because I didn’t want to be late for work, and luck was with me. I was able to hold it in until I got to work, but once there the floodgates opened. Literally. If someone else had been in the bathroom with me they would have thought I was peeing. Hard.

If you decide to do the master cleanse, make sure to drink the salt water, otherwise you will be constipated and feel like crap (pun intended) the first day or two. But if you do drink the salt water, make sure to give yourself 5-10 minutes in the bathroom to get everything out. You will not feel good when you are going, but cleaning out all the crud in your system will make you feel better than you’ve ever felt, especially if it is your first fast.

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Master Cleanse Fast Day 1

Posted by Jack Deus on June 14, 2009

Preparing the Lemonade

I officially started the Master Cleanse this morning by preparing the lemonade mixture. The recommended way to make the lemonade is to use real fresh-squeezed lemons and to only make what you need. I don’t have time for that, so I use lemon juice and make a full pitcher that should last me 2-3 days. I used a measuring cup to pour 112 ounces (14 servings at 8 ounces each) into a pitcher. Going from memory, I started adding the syrup first and when I got to 20 tablespoons (10 servings) it looked really dark, so I decided I better check the website to see if a serving is 8 or 10 ounces. The website I linked to yesterday didn’t state how many ounces of water to add per 2 tablespoons of syrup and lemon juice, but in the chart it mentions drinking 6-12 10-ounce lemonade drinks per day, so I assumed they used 10 ounces of water. The 20 tablespoons of syrup emptied the bottle, so I stopped there and added 20 ounces of lemon juice. I added 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and mixed it all together.

I poured myself 8 ounces of lemonade for breakfast, just to find out that I should have gone with my instincts and added 2 tablespoons per 8 ounces of water because it tasted really watered down. Here is the recipe I am using for the rest of the fast:

  • 2 tablespoons US Grade A Dark Amber Organic Maple Syrup (my local grocery store doesn’t have grade B organic maple syrup, which is what most website recommend)
  • 2 tablespoons 100% Lemon Juice from Concentrate
  • a pinch of cayenne pepper (no more than 1/10 of a teaspoon)
  • 8 ounces of tap water

Why I’m Doing the Master Cleanse Fast

After the end of my last fast I wasn’t sure if I would ever do the fast again (I felt worse than the worst I ever felt having the flu), but the first reason listed below changed my mind.

  1. I’ve been having a lot of digestive problems over the last 2-3 weeks, and I thought maybe it was my body trying to tell me to get rid of all the junk in my system that I ingest on a daily basis. Had the digestive problems only lasted a few days I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but 2-3 weeks is too much to ignore.
  2. My acid reflux has stayed in check with only one Nexium pill a day, so I thought maybe going on another fast would cut my dependency on Nexium to every other day.
  3. I would like to start eating healthy and I know one of the side-effects of the fast is that in cleaning out your system it gets rid of your cravings for the foods that are bad for you.
  4. My wife and I are going to Cancun for our 5-year anniversary in July, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to lose a little weight and a few inches off my midsection before I walk around a beach without a shirt on.

On that note, I must implore any of you who are thinking about trying the Master Cleanse Fast for the sole purpose of losing weight to rethink your motives. I guarantee that if you do the fast for 7-10 days you will lose a decent amount of weight, but if you don’t eat right and exercise after the fast you will gain all of that weight back very quickly and you basically will have starved yourself for a week for nothing.

Weight and Waist

I weighed in this morning at 194.2 pounds and measure 38 3/4 inches around my belly button.

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