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NFL Postseason Predictions 2009

Posted by Jack Deus on September 12, 2009

I’ve already predicted how the regular season for the NFC (link here) and AFC (link here) will unfold. Now it’s time for the postseason predictions; both the playoff predictions and the awards predictions.



Round 1

(1) Philadelphia Eagles and (2) Carolina Panthers-bye

(6) New Orleans Saints – 34 @ (3) Minnesota Vikings – 21. Drew Brees getting to play in a dome for the first round of the playoffs = no home field advantage for the Vikings. Brett Favre continues his late season nose-dive and throws too many costly picks.

(5) Dallas Cowboys – 21 @ (4) Seattle Seahawks -20. Tomy Romo goes into one of the toughest places to play and lets it affect him for the first three quarters, but finally overcomes the pressure and leads Dallas to two fourth quarter touchdown drives. The cycle won’t be truly complete because Wade Phillips won’t let Romo be the holder for the clenching extra point try, but he’ll take the victory none-the-less.

Round 2

(6) New Orleans Saints – 27 @ (1) Philadelphia Eagles – 23. Drew Brees continues to put up sick playoff numbers and Reggie Bush helps the team the by giving them great field position and six points with his kickoff and punt returns. Philly fans boo Donovan McNabb for his continued ability to not win in the playoffs (completely forgetting that even making it to the playoffs is a feat in and of itself).

(2) Carolina Panthers – 24, (5) Dallas Cowboys – 21, in overtime. The NFL’s stupid overtime rules eliminate the Cowboys without them even getting a chance to score, as Carolina wins the coin toss and DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart run the Panthers the 45 yards they need to get into field goal position.

NFC Championship Game

(6) New Orleans Saints – 24 @ (2) Carolina Panthers – 10. The Panthers have no answer for Drew Brees, and he gets the Saints off to a huge early lead, forcing the Panthers to all but abandon their rushing game. The Saints are able to double cover Steve Smith, effectively eliminating any offense Carolina can hope to put together.


Round 1

(1) New England Patriots and (2) San Diego Chargers– bye

(6) Houston Texans – 20 @ (3) Pittsburgh Steelers– 17. The Texans won’t be satisfied enough to just make the playoffs, they will go into the defending champion Steelers’ house and shock the world.

(4) Indianapolis Colts – 23, (5) Tennessee Titans – 10. The Colts will take the rubber match of the season series by not letting the Titans offense keep up with Peyton Manning and the rest of the Colts offense.

Round 2

(1) New England Patriots – 31, (6) Houston Texans– 17. The Texans magical season will end in Foxboro when they can’t find an answer for Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and Wes Welker.

(2) San Diego Chargers – 34, (4) Indianapolis Colts – 28. In a battle of high powered offenses, the Shawne Merriman led Chargers D will find a way to stop Peyton Manning just enough to send the Charger to the AFC title game.

AFC Championship Game

(2) San Diego Chargers – 13, (1) New England Patriots – 9. Cold weather and snow will neutralize both team’s passing games. The Chargers’ LaDainian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles are much better running backs than whoever New England will march out there for that particular game.


Super Bowl

San Diego Chargers – 41, New Orleans Saints – 38. The two highest scoring offenses in the NFL will make Super Bowl XLIV one of the most entertaining ever. This game will basically come down to whichever team gets the ball last, so I give the edge to the team that has the better defense: San Diego.


Individual Awards

NFL MVP-Drew BreesSaints. Voters will be stupid not to give the MVP award to Brees when he breaks the single season record for passing yards this year.

Runners-up: Tom BradyPatriots, Adrian PetersonVikings.

Offensive Player of the Year-Drew BreesSaints. See above.

Runners-up: Adrian PetersonVikings, Larry FitzgeraldCardinals.

Defensive Player of the Year-Shawne MerrimanChargers. He will play “lights out” this year to prove last year was an injury fluke.

Runners-up: Albert HaynesworthRedskins, Mario WilliamsTexans.

Coach of the Year-Gary KubiakTexans. How do you not give the award to the coach that led his team to the playoffs for the first time in their history?

Runners-up: Sean PaytonSaints, Mike McCarthyPackers.


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NFL Postseason Predictions

Posted by Jack Deus on December 29, 2008

Yesterday marked the conclusion of another exciting NFL regular season with two games that ended up being bonus playoff games (Denver at San Diego and Dallas at Philly), with the winner moving on and the loser staying home. The ended up being pretty crappy games with the home team blowing out the road team, but the fans in San Diego and Philly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Wild Card Round

Indianapolis (12-4) at(really?) San Diego (8-8)
The first of two games where the road team is better than the home team (at least according to record). No matter where this game is played the Colts are just going to prove too much for the banged up Chargers. San Diego’s star running back, LaDanian Tomlinson, tweaked his groin in the Denver game, and while he says he will be ready for the game Saturday, one has to wonder how effective he will actually be: Indianapolis 38-San Diego 28

Baltimore (11-5) at Miami (11-5)
Even though Baltimore beat Miami 27-13 in week 7, this game is being played in Miami because they won their division. What a bunch of bologna. But, much like the other AFC wild-card game the venue won’t matter. Miami is a good team, but they benefited from a pretty weak schedule to get into the playoffs. They beat lowly Seattle, Oakland, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Kansas City by a combined 20 points. Repeat of Week 7: Baltimore 27-Miami 13

Atlanta (11-5) at Arizona (9-7)
Not that I’m claiming a conspiracy or anything, but the NFL gift-wrapped this home playoff game for the Cardinals by having the stupid rule about the division winners being higher seeds than the wild-cards, as well as by having Arizona be in arguably the worst division in NFL history. Arizona’s (at times) high-powered offense will keep them in the game, but Atlanta will wear them down: Atlanta 31-Arizona 23

Philadelphia (9-6-1) at Minnesota (10-6)
If anyone tells you they have a good feeling picking either team to win this game they are either lying or on crack (or both). Neither of these teams has been consistent by any stretch of the imagination. I think Philly will find a way to stop Adrian Peterson forcing Minnesota to throw the ball, which won’t work out well for them: Philly 27-Minnesota 14

Divisional Round

Baltimore at Tennessee
Tennessee’s defense will give Joe Flacco fits all day, and if Baltimore can find a way to stop the Tennessee run this should prove to be a low scoring, defensive battle: Tennessee 13-Baltimore 9

Indianapolis at Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh’s running backs are too banged up to get anything consistent going and Marvin Harrison will know he has to have a good post season to get paid well next year so he and Peyton Manning will have a vintage day: Indy 28-Pittsburgh 20

Philly at Carolina
There is no way Philly will show up in full force two weeks in a row nor be able to stop Steve Smith and the Carolina running backs: Carolina 31-Philly 14

Atlanta at NY Giants
No rookie quarterback is supposed to be able to travel to a cold weather stadium and win a playoff game, and Matt Ryan will prove this rule. Also, Brandon Jacobs should be well rested with the bye-week and will be able to run all over Atlanta’s D. Atlanta’s running game will keep this game close, however: NY Giants 20-Atlanta 17

Championship Round
Indianapolis at Tennessee
Indy is peaking and Tennessee will be coming into this game banged up and bruised from the Baltimore game. Add that to the fact that Indy will be stacking the box and turning this into a quarterback battle, which Peyton would win over either Kerry Collins or Vince Young 9 times out of 10, including this time: Indy 31-Tennessee 21

Carolina at NY Giants
The Giants ran all over Carolina in week 15, but they won’t be able to do that again. Besides, the world isn’t ready for a Manning vs Manning Super Bowl: Carolina 27-NY Giants 23

Super Bowl
Indianapolis Colts vs Carolina Panthers
Just like he did to Chicago to get his first Super Bowl ring, Peyton Manning is going to eat up and spit out the Carolina D: Indy 38-Carolina 20

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2008 Baseball Playoffs Predictions Part 3-World Series Pick

Posted by Jack Deus on October 20, 2008

This is the third post in a series of three. Check out the first one here and the second one here.

My World Series Pick

Philadelphia Phillies at Tampa Ray Bays [sic-as a shout-out to Mike Ditka when he was on Mike and Mike in the Morning]-Rays in 6. I think the Phillies will win the two games Cole Hamels pitches in, but otherwise they are over-matched and trying to fight fate. The only real questions about this series are 1) whether or not the City of Tampa can produce enough fans people to sell out the three games at the Trop and 2) how low the ratings will be since no one outside of Philadelphia and Tampa Bay (or most people living in Tampa Bay for that matter) really cares who wins or loses.

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2008 Baseball Playoffs Predictions Part 2

Posted by Jack Deus on October 8, 2008

Wow. My predictions got killed in the Division Series, only 1 right. Let’s see how well I do in the League Championship Series’. At least I can’t get 3 wrong this time.

Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays-Rays in 7. Conventional wisdom says the Sox should win this series because they have the playoff experience, but the Rays have home field advantage and only lost one game at home to the Sox all year. On the flip side of that coin, the Sox lost twice as many (yes I know that is only 2 games, but it sounds worse if I say twice as many) games at home to the Rays. I see every game in this series being won by the home team, which means the Rays will win.

LA Dodgers at Philadelphia Phillies-Dodgers in 6. The Dodgers are this year’s 2006 St. Louis Cardinals. You know, the team that just barely makes it into the playoffs but then ends up winning it all. All facets of their game are coming together at just the right time. The Phillies, like the Cubs, aren’t going to know what hit them.

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Stupid NFL Rule

Posted by Jack Deus on February 9, 2008

Before I get started, let me say that I do realize what I am about to talk about happened a while ago. The reason I am just getting around to writing about it now is that I was allowing myself adequate cool-down time so it didn’t sound like a big whine session. It might turn into one of those anyways, but at least I tried to avoid that fate.

The Washington Redskins ended their regular season with four wins in a row to gain a spot in the NFL playoffs only to have their chance to advance further into the playoffs negated by a stupid rule. Before I get to that let me give you a quick recap of the game up to the stupid rule. The Redskins hadn’t been able to do anything right on offense for the first 3 quarters of the game, but their defense had kept them close. So close, in fact that the Redskins scored 2 quick touchdowns to take a 14-13 lead with 12:38 left in the game. On the ensuing kickoff the kick returner for Seattle forgot to put his brain back in his skull before he ran onto the field and let the ball bounce over his head. A Redskins player was able to grab the ball at the Seattle 14 yard line and run it into the endzone for a third touchdown in 3 minutes.

Here is where the stupid rule comes into play. As soon as the Redskins player grabbed the ball the officials, knowing the stupid rule, blew their whistle and called him down. The rule I’m referring to states “A kickoff is illegal unless it travels 10 yards OR is touched by the receiving team. Once the ball is touched by the receiving team or has gone 10 yards, it is a free ball. Receivers may recover and advance. Kicking team may recover but NOT advance UNLESS receiver had possession and lost the ball.” I asked everyone I could think off, from the most hardcore football fan to someone who knows nothing about football but has a lot of common sense to try to figure out why the receiving team can advance the ball but the kicking team cannot. None of us could come up with any GOOD explanation as to why this rule is worded like this.

So, instead of being up 21-13 with 12 minutes remaining in the game, the Redskins offense stalled and then missed the field goal. Flash forward about 6 minutes when Seattle is finally able to get some offense going and the score a touchdown and two point conversion to take the lead 21-14. The Redskins, feeling the pressure of the playoffs and the need to score a touchdown just to tie the game, attempt a long pass play that gets picked off and returned the other way for a touchdown. I will grant that half of the offensive players just stopped and watched the play as soon as the ball was intercepted, making it easier for Seattle to score, but do you seriously think the Redskins would have even called that play had the score been tied? I don’t think so! With 6 minutes remaining, the Redskins would have burnt up the clock with runs and short passes, trying to get themselves into position to kick a field goal with 3 seconds left. Instead they found themselves 14 points down, threw another interception that got returned for a touchdown and it looked like they got blown out on the scoreboard, when in reality they played a very competitive game. Thanks NFL!

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