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Why the WNBA is a joke

Posted by Jack Deus on June 25, 2008

I was checking out the main stories on today and saw the headline “Sparks’ Parker does it again: 2nd dunk in 2 days” and knew it was a slow sports day. I mean, seriously, one of the top 10 sports stories is that a basketball player dunked for the second straight game? I wonder how much David Stern had to pay the editors of to get someone to write a story about the WNBA, much less to get them to feature it on the home page.

I could see how this would be worthy news if it was a grade-school or middle-school league, but this is a professional basketball league. Dunks are a part of the game of basketball, so, just like 3-pointers, awesome behind-the-back passes, and blocked shots, they should happen regularly not be news-worthy.

The point of the article, I think, is to drum up excitement for the WNBA and be a positive article about the league. It seems to me that it failed, though. The article is supposed to show that the women’s game can be just as exciting as the men’s game because the most exciting play in basketball can take place in the women’s game. However, if the league has been around for 10 years (as the WNBA has) and it is still big news that a player dunked in back-to-back games, then all the article proves is that the dunk is a very rare play. If devoted main-page articles to every NBA player that dunked twice in one game, let alone in back-to-back games the entire main page would be full of stories about LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard, and on and on. Basically, there would be nothing but stories about NBA player dunking. I think what I am trying to say is that the WNBA needs to realize that it is a niche sport and stop trying to legitimize itself to the world. Take the fans you have and be happy you have any at all.


23 Responses to “Why the WNBA is a joke”

  1. I’m not a big fan of the WNBA but I do respect their game. I used to play against some women from my school’s basketball team and let me assure you that they are no joke.

    I wouldn’t brush the “the WNBA is a joke” so quickly simply because the league is excited about Candace Parker. Have you seen this woman play and the extensive display of skills she’s had since high school?

    It’s easy to YouTube Vince Carter highlights and then read an MSM/ESPN article about Parker dunking twice then say “wow, this league is a joke.”

    Don’t know what your profession is but say you’re a doctor. You get some press through your local community’s paper saying you’re a good doctor. How would you feel if some hot-shot plastic surgeon in Los Angeles went around and dumped on you calling you a “joke?”

    Lazy reporting should not stigmatize a legitimate game.

  2. Holden Caulfield said

    This sounds very sexist. For women its harder to dunk so Candace Parker’s 2 dunks is big news. For somebody like Kobe, Lebron, T-mac there men and its easiler for them to dunk. The WNBA isn’t a joke its just how god made men and women there both different. You can’t blame the WNBA for trying to make some news out of it. The WNBA will forever be overshadowed by the NBA because men are in it. The WNBA will never be as popular as the NBA. Besides if Kobe dunked a 720 dunk it would be news for sure its not much different from this because dunks in the WNBA are rare.

    • Anonymous said

      theres nothing insuling about women athletes or sexist comments in here… all hes saying is that one sport is less exciting than the other. Youre the one who brought gender into this by saying women have a hard time dunking

    • Anonymous said

      i totally agree with holden caulfield. men are made to be stronger and faster than women. i dont think its fair for men to say its a joke, you need to get up off your ass and go play professionfal basketball that you live for and take seriously then you can make comments about the wnba. you know some women take this seriously and it hurts for you to just spit all over us and laugh at about how we play.

  3. DRock said

    wow really…are you two kidding me lol this guy has it right…whens the last time u saw a wnba game? hmm well i watch espn religiously and there is hardly anything ever on and i cant even name 3 teams let alone 3 players…they hyped candice parker and she dunks twice in back to backs…christ my 5’6 brother can dunk over these “athletes” honestly get a legit high school team of guys and they could whoop any of these wnba squads…they really should take there 6 or 7 fans and just shut the hell up because the only people that watch their games are friends and family and to be honest they are just there for the little money the girls get paid and its not to watch the “show” they put on thats for sure…im not sexest in the least i just believe that womens basketball is a complete joke and should not be on tv at all because frankly nobody gives a s*** lol

    ***Editor’s note-I added the “***” to certain words in an attempt to keep the blog PG.

  4. “im not sexest in the least i just believe that womens basketball is a complete joke and should not be on tv at all because frankly nobody gives a s*** lol”

    One thing is not like the other…

    Do you play ball, DRock? If so, challenge a WNBA player or at least challenge a legit D1 female baller. That’ll shut you and your 5’6″ brother up real quick.

    Secondly, “whens the last time u saw a wnba game? hmm well i watch espn religiously and there is hardly anything ever on” and then you argue that it shouldn’t be allowed on TV. Well, apparently it really wouldn’t make a difference if it were on TV because you don’t even see it. So what’s the big deal?

    Maybe you should look up the word “sexist,” as well as learn how to spell it and then analyze the statement you just made. I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s sexist.

    Let me remind you that ESPN is a network and not the be-all, end-all of sports broadcasting. Having said that, they shouldn’t be marketing the WNBA like an NBA nor should they be even broadcasting in the same way. Basketball games are broadcast in a very masculine manner and they would be wise to change it and steer it towards their targeted demographic (which is NOT hypersensitive mysogynists like you DRock).

    Educate yourself before you continue making hyperbolic, blanket statements.

    ***Editor’s note-I added the “***” to certain words in an attempt to keep the blog PG.

    • Anonymous said

      feetinthepaint, do you think you’re proving a point by attempting to boast your thought with large words and calling people sexist, there’s a difference between being sexist and stating facts. You are equally, if not more pathetic than the WNBA. All i can say is im glad girls dont have their own football league yet

      • Khendra said

        Ah, the endless parade of guys going out of their way to bash the WNBA. It’s one thing to say the women can’t physically compete at the men’s level, or to say they’re just not interested in the sport, but some guys can’t just stop there – it’s gotta be “it’s a joke,” “they’re dykes,” “at least they don’t have a football league yet,” etc.

        Bah. My guy happens to like that I’m athletic and good at basketball (OMG I’M NOT LESBIAN, SHOCKER!!!11WTFOMAI). It means I’m fit and able to do certain other things for a long period of time, y’know? Frankly, more dudes should be thrilled there are chicks out there who play basketball instead of the usual women crawling into a ball and begging for chocolate all day.

        Anyhow, if some guys don’t want to stop at merely saying they don’t like the WNBA, I don’t need to stop, either, so: I think most of these guys are just mad because their girls are un-athletic clods who shop for shoes and read Twilight all day instead of putting out for them.

        There you are. Now, go back to your blow-up dolls and unfulfilled Playboy fantasies while your food servant goes back to banging an imaginary Edward.

  5. Levi said

    At my high school we have one of the top ten women’s basketball teams in the country. Our men’s team however struggles to get over 500. We had a scrimage against the two teams and our men’s team whooped up on them. Basically watching women’s basketball is like watching the little league world series.

  6. bib said

    the wnba is a joke i think the thought first occured when a 51 year old got a 7 day contract that is ridiciouls the fighting and its sooooo boring id rather watch nascar

  7. lol said

    lol wnba is a ridiculous joke. make a league for baking pies instead

  8. Jae said

    Wait. Feetinthepaint. Did you say there’s fighting in the WNBA? Seriously? I might have to watch a game someday. I’ve got to agree with most of the posters — without going too far down the misogyny route — men and women have too different physical skills levels. They are two distinctly different products.

  9. John said

    Wow who even watches the wnba ? Lesbians and gays do

  10. Zack said

    Yeah wNBA is just horrible to watch. It really is just organized keep-away. I laugh at how players line up around the three point line and just pass the rock back and forth and then after 20 seconds of that one jacks a trey, all the while the zone defense just sags 5 feet off and allows repeated wide open looks at the three. They start knocking them down at a decent clip since NOBODY ON D IS CLOSING OUT. Oh and my favorite is in transition if they trap in the backcourt the girl with the ball just keeps dribbling away from them, going backwards towards her own basket, instead of making the pass to the open teammate, thereby breaking the trap.

    Strike what I said, it’s almost a stretch to label this spectacle as “organized” anything.

    That said, some girls are pretty good. Usually with D1 college there’s at least one chick on each team who is showing me some actual skill and talent beyond repeatedly chucking wide-open standing threes.

    Feminists, give it a rest. I’m all for girls playing sports, but don’t try to convince me it’s a comparable product to the NBA. S***, back in high school when I was mostly a bencher on the freshman squad we scrimmaged the girl’s varsity team, uh huh, we tore them up. The only reason the game was even remotely close was that they played dirty, tossing elbows and constantly pushing off before taking shots or cutting. And being guys we were obviously uncomfortable returning the same level of physicality against a group of girls.

    ***Editor’s note-I added the “***” to certain words in an attempt to keep the blog PG.

    • Robert said

      So true…so very true. It wouldn’t bother me so much if they didn’t have those stupid f***ing commercials on ESPN every time the season rolls around. Unfortunately they do, and unfortunately they also have to play some stupid song that’s supposed to get you “pumped up” for the WNBA season. It’s a niche professional sport,although it’s still a joke. Keep it out of mainstream media. It’s just a waste of advertising dollars that could be used to advertise to a group that might actually consider watching it, let alone give a s***. I’m fairly certain that the guys who watch ESPN for REAL professional sport highlight clips aren’t interested in, as Zack so expertly said it, organized keep-away.

      ***Editor’s note-I added the “***” to certain words in an attempt to keep the blog PG.

  11. one sexist mother (shut your mouth) said

    wnba is a bigger joke than k-fed’s career at rapping

  12. Kevy Kev said

    The only real girls sport is varsity sandwhich making.

  13. Big Guy said

    I like the fact that the WNBA is still around. It’s like a horror show that I enjoy feeling embarrassed for. What an epic waste of time, money and resources. I was thinking; I bet the cost of keeping the venue open, including electricity, worker’s wages, municipal fees etc, FAR outweighs any revenue that is brought by this ridiculous “league”. Go munch on some carpets, Lezlie.

  14. Adriana said

    The wnba is giving women a chance to play similar sports as men. just because tht dunk isn’t really news worthy doesn’t mean u can bag on them. I’d like to see you play against them!! And I’m glad tht the wnba is still around it gives a chance to younger girls to continue play what they love instead of stoping at college or high school.

  15. Olivia said

    i see exactly why Parker dunking is important. She’s a FEMALE! Men dunk all the time, of course who cares. But when a FEMALE dunks not once but TWICE back to back it’s an accomplishment.

  16. jam said

    wnba is the most boring sport in the world ¡¡¡¡

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