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Mac and Toby Performance

Posted by Jack Deus on April 11, 2007

My wife was bored one day and decided to mess with the dogs. She covered herself with a blanket and started calling their names. They pawed and scratched at the blanket and whined for her so she mimicked them by calling their names in a really high voice. When I came home she showed me what she discovered and I filmed it. It is high comedy. Take a look.


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Saving Mac

Posted by Jack Deus on March 30, 2007

The short version of this story is that Mac snuck into Laura’s purse and grabbed a Ziploc baggy with some Advil in it and ate 3 Advil. Laura called me at work and I told her to call the vet, neither one of us knowing it would be as dangerous as it turns out. He went to the vet and they gave him some charcoal to throw up the Advil. There were some complications with his stomach, liver, and kidneys due to the ibuprofen in the Advil. A few overnight stays at the emergency clinic and a few vet checkups later and Mac finally got to come back home. Laura and I are very relieved that he is OK, except for the 1/2 pound weight loss he had (which is a lot, since he only weighed 6.8 pounds before that). Laura and I are a little lighter too, but our weight loss came in the form of our pocketbooks. The whole ordeal cost us somewhere between $1100 and $1200.Some of the people I tell the story to say they wouldn’t pay that much to save a pet. Laura and I never thought twice about it. It is one of those expenses you don’t want to pay, but if the alternative is having to put Mac to sleep then we will gladly pay that much, if not more to save him.It does bring up an interesting question, though.

What is the most money you would spend to save your pet?

I honestly don’t know the exact answer to that question myself.  I think, right now, it would be somewhere between $5000 and $10,000 depending on Laura’s and my financial situation at that particular moment.

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